Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Pitchers 2006

Results of the best pitchers of 2006 are figured by simply finding runs against, adjusting to the ballpark factor, then dividing by innings pitched times three + hits + tbb. Divided this figure by the league average [.123 runs against average], and calculate the Binomial Distribution.

While this stat is read similar to era, it is in the binomial form. Since this mass of numbers is read in a relative context, the mean is 3.16.

Pitchers are classified by starting pitchers and closing pitchers. To qualify for this stat, starting pitchers must pitch at least 150 innings, while releif pitchers must record at least 15 saves.

Starting pitchers:

R. Oswaldt 2.15

J. Santana 2.26

C. Carpenter 2.28

R. Holliday 2.30

Josh Johnson 2.30

B Webb 2.30

B. Arroyo 2.33

J. Jennings 2.41

C. Zambrano 2.46

Releif pitchers:

J. Papelbaum 1.45

BJ Ryan 1.50

J. Nathan 1.55

Fr Rodriguez 1.65

M. Rivera 1.71

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