Monday, October 6, 2008

2007 Lineup Inpact win Percentage

Lineup Inpact Percentage

This offensive rating system, Lineup Impact Percentage, measures the impact of a ball player interacting with eight other marginal players [nine players including the rated player]. By measuring against eight other average players, you get more feel of a player's impact in a batting order. To be more precise, this matrix displays how many percentage points above or below the .500 mark [the mean] a player impacts in a nine player batting lineup. As a result, this matrix is bunched much closer together. LIP is more realistic as opposed to my previous measurement, purely against the league average as if only two people are competing against each other. In short, I have converted this rating into both team and lineup context.

LIP is adjusted for the rated player's home ballpark, measured against the National League, American League, and when it applies, both leagues' mean. These documented statistics are rounded off and are calculated from the Bill James Handbook 2008.

1. Chipper Jones .518

2. Carlos Pena .518

3. Alex Rodriguez .518

4. David Ortiz .517

5. Magglio Ordonez .516

6. Albert Pujols .516

7. Nick Johnson .515

8. John Cust .515

9. Prince Fielder .514

10. David Wright .514

11. Miguel Cabrera .513

12. Jorge Posada .513

13. Jim Thome .512

14. Mark Teixeira .512

15. Ryan Howard .512

16. Hanley Ramirez .511

17. Matt Holliday .511

18. Vladimir Guerrero .510

19. Adam Dunn .510

20. Todd Helton .509

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