Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MLB; Offensive Independent Base Index

For the second consecutive year, Albert Pujols comes out ahead in the statistical matrix I created called Offensive Independent Base Index. By independent, I mean that no other player bunched up close to the batter influences the outcome of this equation.

This offensive rating system measures the impact of the measured player against a marginal player [in this case being league average]. This matrix displays how many percentage points above or below the margin the measured play is. The final outcome reads like a batting average, but is quantified with singles, doubles, triple, home runs, base-on-balls, and outs. Furthermore, slight modifications are made in accordance to the ball park reconciliation [as each park has its own factors], along with a new feature I have added this year, a value based timeline.

Any ball player performing under .250 is considered below the mean [or below average], .250 is marginal, .275 is above average but not really great, .300 being very good, .325 being an all time great year.

Here are the results;

1. Alert Pujols .336
2. Prince Fielder .320
3. Joe Mauer .319
4. Adrian Gonzalez .313
5. Joey Votto .313
6. Derek Lee .311
7. Adam Dunn .307
8. Ben Zubrist .305
9. Lance Berkman .305
10. Hanley Ramirez .304